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31 December 2011

Happy New Year! What I plan to do as a filmgoer in 2012

I wish a Happy New Year to my readers and friends out there!  Here we are, another year in the 21st century, a time of technology, media and cinema. Well as a filmgoer, I have a few ‘resolutions’ that I would like to make and at the end of the year I will make a check list of that and post to see how I did on my targets.  So, here it is, things I plan to do next year is a film buff, nerd, or whatever you want to call it

29 December 2011

Melancholia (2011)

Directed by: Lars Von Trier
Genre: Drama, Mystery & Suspense
Country: Denmark, France
Runtime: 130 Minutes                   
In Lars Von Trier’s gorgeously shot drama, we are put in the position of thinking about what we would do if we were in the situation that we know the world will come to an end; And that is the powerful thing the film does, it evokes question. The film has a soft, but beautiful progression as the film captures destruction and distress. Kirsten Dunst gives an emotionally filled performance that provides the film with drama. Trier, whom wrote and directed the film, definitely has a distinctive style and it is definitely projected here.

28 December 2011

Rango (2011)

Directed by: Gore Verbinski
Genre: Animation, Comedy, Western
Country: USA
Runtime: 111 Minutes
In this animated salute to the western genre, we meet a high-res chameleon who ends up being the hero of our story. The film has a highly original and distinctive style as it tries to combine desert creatures with western genre characters. WE have gunslingers, ranchers, Indians and even a tortoise that really seems to have been round along time. From Pirates director Gore Verbinski the film is highly polished with and a bright story, that makes it one of the finest animations in recent time.

27 December 2011

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (2011)

Directed by: Guy Ritchie
Genre: Action & Adventure, Comedy, Crime
Country: USA
Runtime: 129 Minutes
The sequel to the film that revitalises the style and look of Sherlock Holmes proves as a mildly worthy sequel. Robert Downey Jr. gives another eccentricity-filled performance as the curiously weird Holmes and alongside Jude Law, it sums up for an entertaining experience. The plot feels lacking compared to the original and in general for that matter.

24 December 2011

Have good holidays everyone!

Just want to say merry christmas and happy holidays to everyone out there! Enjoy yourselves!

23 December 2011

Best Films of 1970-1979 Results!

Thanks for voting everyone! Here are the top five results for the two polls!

Best of 1970-74

5. American Graffiti- 2 Votes

4. The Godfather Part II- 2 Votes

Taxi Driver (1976) [70's Marathon] 15#

Directed by: Martin Scorsese
Genre: Drama, Mystery & Suspense
Country: USA
Runtime: 113 Minutes
“On every street in every city, there’s a nobody who dreams of being somebody” This film is practically flawless, exhilarating, powerful and definitely one of the best films to come out of Martin Scorsese and cinema for that matter. Robert De Niro was legendary as the confined taxi driver Travis, and he truly captures the audience as a great protagonist. Scorsese directs like a genius by not giving the film a big unique style, but telling a story from a taxi driver’s perspective and telling it perfectly as he spirals into insanity. This is a must-see film for filmgoers. 

22 December 2011

Alien (1979) [70's Movie Marathon] 14#

Directed by: Ridley Scott
Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Horror, 
Country: USA, United Kingdom
Runtime: 119 Minutes
In 1979, a film called “Alien” was released that explored the Sci-Fi genre and surprised many people, becoming a modern classic. It is definitely a great sci-fi film but I think it is slightly overrated. The suspense was great and all the sci-fi elements of it were chilling, but the film takes quite a while to settle in and does not go to many locations. The acclaimed sequel is said to be better, so I look forward to that viewing. Ridley Scott’s direction is up to par in this Sci-Fi classic, which makes the film flow beautifully.

21 December 2011

Nosferatu: Phantom der Nacht (Nosferatu the Vampyre) (1979) [70's Marathon] 13#

Directed by: Werner Herzog
Genre: Horror, Mystery & Suspense, Art House
Country: Germany
Runtime: 107 minutes
In a salute and connection to one of Germany’s most important silent films, being “Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror”, this remake almost meets the greatness of its original. Director Werner Herzog not only does this through his similar looking sets and citations throughout the film, but by also bringing a new wave to the story of Nosferatu. Dracula is still one of the most fascinating monsters of literature and cinema, and this film is filled with homages to the original while bringing something new. 

20 December 2011

Life of Brian (1979) [70's Marathon] 12#

Directed by: Terry Jones
Genre: Comedy
Country: United Kingdom
Runtime: 93 Minutes
This film is golden comedy, and there is nothing more to it. The collaboration of comics in the Monty Python team are masters of bringing laughs to the screen. With such wit and intelligence, their films are all hilarious. “Life of Brian” may very well be the funniest out of the few this great team made. As one of the 70’s controversial films, it stands firmly as one of the all-time greatest comedies. A Solid script, hilarious acting, excellent timing and a magnificent energy, this ‘sacrilegious’ satire is a poignant and timeless comedy classic filled with some of the most memorable quotes in cinema. 

Thank you for 100, 000 views!

Me giving thumbs up to you readers!
This is  phenomenal number for me to reach so I thank all of you who read my blog and comment! Even those who don't comment thanks for acknowledging my blog here. To show my appreciation for those who have kept me at what I love to do, I will be running a competition involving various prizes. The competition will be along the lines of involving people writing, so stay tuned for the post about the competition to come up!

19 December 2011

Jaws (1975) [70's Marathon] 11#

Directed by: Steven Spielberg
Genre: Mystery & Suspense, Action & Adventure, Drama
Country: USA
Runtime: 130 Minutes
It is about time I finally sit down and properly watch this film. What can I say about it? Undoubtedly, this is truly an exciting film and a landmark for cinema. The horrific and thrilling idea of a killer shark, threatening and vicious; scaring people to go in the water is simply amazing. And with Steven Spielberg, Hollywood hotshot, on the director’s chair he proves as an excellent director in the industry. Undoubtedly, one of the greats with such great films behind him, and this is no exception.

18 December 2011

Salò Or, 120 Days of Sodom (1975) [70's Marathon] 10#

Directed by: Pier Paolo Pasolini
Genre: Drama, Art House
Country: Italy, France
Runtime: 119 Minutes
*This post contains nudity* There are films that we enjoy for being entertaining, having characters and stories that we relate to and stay with us. We like some films on an artistic level for being ingenious and/or poetic in some way. “Salò” is more on the artsy side, but in a different way. The film is undeniably disgusting for it's portrayal of violence and sex, and I wouldn’t suggest watching it if you are easily turned by such things. Pier Paolo Pasolini, the director has been judged greatly for his work here and this was his last vision. 

The French Connection (1971) [70's Marathon] 9#

Directed by: William Friedkin
Genre: Drama, Action & Adventure,
Country: USA
Runtime: 104 Minutes
Gene Hackman, Roy Schieder, directed by William Friedkin? How could I not watch this film? Hackman stars in one of his best performances in this police drama that has two cops on a crackdown on drug dealers. The plot was sharp and the direction from Friedkin was vey intelligently, making it a well-rounded action drama. Films about cops always fascinate me and this film definitely meets the standard of other great ones I have seen. 

17 December 2011

Supervixens (1975) [70's Marathon] 8#

Directed by: Russ Meyer
Genre: Comedy, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Country: USA
Runtime: 106 Minutes
Wow. “Supervixens” is a sexploitation film that you will never forget for its portrayal of sex and women and will definitely make you wonder why you are watching it. Is it any good? Yes, yes it is. Russ Mayer’s voyeuristic film is nothing more than a fun adventure and the he film’s narrative; he takes you a ride to sexual pleasure and comedy. It is no masterpiece, but with lots of nudity (and many breasts), the film is comedic, often silly and quite pointless in plot.

16 December 2011

Rocky (1976) [70's Marathon] 7#

Directed by: John Avildsen
Genre: Drama, Action & Adventure, Romance
Country: USA
Runtime: 119 Minutes
Sylvester Stallone, the Italian Stallion. A.K.A: Rocky. Stallone who both wrote and starred as the titular character truly made a breakthrough in his career here where his heart and soul have been expressed into the film, giving it a feel-good energy that does not come easy in films. The story of a little man going big is still a classic, and should remain that for some time. “Rocky” is among the greats of the 70’s because it is more than just a film about boxing, it is about opportunity, hope and perseverance. 

15 December 2011

Hugo (2011)

Directed by: Martin Scorsese
Genre: Mystery & Suspense, Family.
Country: USA
Runtime: 126 Minutes
Interrupting my marathon to get this review up. From the well-known cinematic genius Martin Scorsese comes a family fantasy film of great whimsy, spirit and innocence that most kid’s films lack today. In addition, here we see a film showing the love for film as we dive into the history of cinema itself. Many of today’s audience will not appreciate or care much for the films of George Mêliés, or the history of cinema, but for the film critic and nerd this is a film to feast on.  

14 December 2011

Solyaris (Solaris) (1976) [70's Movie Marathon] 6#

Directed by: Andrei Tarkovsky
Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Art House, Drama
Country: Russia, USSR
Runtime: 167 Minutes
The extended edition spans to 167 minutes and takes you and an extraordinary sci-fi adventure. Without big special effects and action, like many sci-fi films, this one plays quietly. Most of the time you are confronted with silence and action-less scenes which can make it a hard to watch film. With this in mind, you will be taken on a thought-provoking journey that questions humanity and even sanity as we explore into the ideas of consciousness. Andrei Tarkovsky’s direction was nothing short of brilliant, but this film definitely will not suit everyone. 

12 December 2011

Last Tango In Paris (1972) [70's Movie Marathon] 5#

Directed by:Bernardo Bertolucci
Genre: Romance, Art House
Country: Italy, France
Runtime: 130 Minutes
If you are looking for a strange romance, you have come to the right place. Marlon Brando stars in an extraordinary love story that follows a man and a woman who both know nothing about each other’s personal lives, and visit an apartment where they have sex.

11 December 2011

American Graffiti (1973) [70's Movie Marathon] 4#

Directed by: George Lucas
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Country: USA
Runtime: 109 Minutes
There is a reason this film has been labelled “one of the most influential teen movies”. Through the tender storytelling and nostalgic set pieces, you are pulled into the classic days of the early 60’s. Director George Lucas has proven himself as a good director here with the film’s narrative following not one plot, but four that follow each boy and his adventures on their last night before they leave town. 

10 December 2011

Magnum Force (1973) [70's Movie Marathon] 3#

Directed by: Ted Post
Genre: Action & Adventure
Country: USA
Runtime: 124 Minutes 
As the first sequel to the famous Dirty Harry, it does not ruin anything. We have more action, more violence and more of Clint Eastwood’s great character. Far from being brilliant, but it’s clever and reasonably exciting plot makes it worth watching.

09 December 2011

Little Big Man (1970) [70's Movie Marthon] 2#

Directed by: Arthur Penn
Genre: Western, Action & Adventure
Country: USA
Runtime: 140 Minutes
On the huge journey the film sets you on, you get a glimpse into the history of native Indians and the war of Little Big Horn. Dustin Hoffman plays Little Big Man (also known as Jack Crabb) who journeys from being a white American, to being raised by Indians. Once he reaches his adolescent and adult years, Jack begins to start swapping between the white man’s culture and the Indian’s ways. That is probably the fascinating and epic appeal to the film because of how this man has been apart of both ethnicities during his time before the battle.

08 December 2011

Harold and Maude (1971) [70's Movie Marathon] 1#

Directed by: Hal Ashby
Genre: Drama, Comedy
Country: USA
Runtime: 90 Minutes
This may very well be the strangest of romance films for the sheer idea that it involves a 16 year-old boy with suicidal tendencies, and a lively 80 year-old woman. The idea sounds to farfetched to be good entertainment right? Well, actually, the film is surprisingly poetic and entertaining because of the huge contrast it creates. Great direction, beautiful cinematography and an unforgettably amusing story, makes it worth watching.

07 December 2011

The 70's Movie Marathon! (yes another marathon)

The 70's Marathon will start tomorrow! I know I have done quite a lot of marathons, but I promise you this is my last until at least February 2012. I have been reading a book on the bet film's of the 70's, and I'm slowly becoming a huge fan of the decade. With so many revolutionary and brilliant films in the new line of cinema, it may very well be the best decade.

05 December 2011

Strangers on a Train (1951)

Directed by: Alfred Hitchcock
Genre: Mystery & Suspense
Country: USA
Runtime: 98 Minutes
When two strangers meet on a locomotive, their lives change forever- especially for the one known as Guy Haines.  Alfred Hitchcock’s clever murder thriller style stands the test of time as a zestfully entertaining piece of drama. It still has wit and tension by today’s standards with its innovative filmmaking style and unique plot. ‘Strangers’ stand as one of Hitch’s best works because of how intelligently made it is. The film has a great screenplay, great direction and great acting- a darn good film!

03 December 2011

Straw Dogs (1971)

Directed by: Sam Peckinpah
Genre: Drama, Mystery & Suspense
Country: USA
Runtime: 120 Minutes
What makes “Straw Dogs” such an excellent film is the resonating performance of Dustin Hoffman. Here, in his younger self he plays a role of a nerdy mathematician who ends up having to protect his very own household. The film at first seems to have no target and unwinds as a film with unexpected happenings. What appears to be two plot lines come into one eventually and Sam Peckenpah’s direction was nothing short of brilliant. This is one of the highlights of the 70’s because of its content. 

02 December 2011

I'm back from my trip!

Germany was overwhelmingly amazing! The food, the people, the locations, everything! such a beautiful country, not to mention having some good filmmakers. My trip was thought provoking and exciting as I met otehr students from across Europe including Spain, Norway,Northern Ireland (My group) and Germans. Some people were also Russian. My next post will be up tomorrow so stay tuned everyone!

24 November 2011

Wounds of Misery: My film Trailer

 I leave for Germany tomorrow so I thought I would drop this off for you all. This is the trailer to a film I literally thought of on the spot. I felt I had to make something so I decided to do this. I will have 4 or 5 shots to put in extra to build the story a little, but the film will definitely be up.check the video for the date! thanks everyone for reading and see you all next week!

23 November 2011

Saboteur (1942)

Directed by: Alfred Hitchcock
Genre: Mystery & Suspense
Country: USA
Runtime: 115 Minutes
In Alfred Hitchcock’s earlier career, he still made many great films. Saboteur is without a doubt one of them. It is sharp, intelligent, clever and most of all, filled with great Hitchcock suspense. The performances from Robert Cummings and Priscilla Lane were delightfully Hitchcockian and the film’s plot is simply smart. Once more, an innocent man is running from society in a Hitchcock film and this motif of Hitchcock’s auteur still goes nicely. With some moments of heart and eccentricity, “Saboteur” is another great Mystery & suspense film.  

22 November 2011

The Rum Diary (2011)

Directed by: Bruce Robinson
Genre: Drama, Action & Adventure, Comedy
Country: USA
Runtime: 119 Minutes
The film is stale in most parts, and truly lacking an interesting story. Despite Johnny Depp’s solid performance and little comedy moments, the film has nothing special to offer and will likely leave you bored.  We follow a journalist in this biopic who travels to San Juan to work at a Newspaper company. You often forget it is a biopic film with it's staleness. The film may have some moments of humour, but the film feels like it has no goal or end. This is definitely worth skipping for your next visit to the cinema, and that is all I can say.
My Rating: 4.5/10

21 November 2011

Midnight in Paris (2011)

Directed by: Woody Allen
Genre: Romance, comedy
Country: USA
Runtime: 94 Minutes
If you are wondering what one of the best films, you will find this year is this is one. Enchanting is an excellent word to describe the picturesque quality to its cinematography and wholesomely beautiful story. Never have I had so much respect for Owen Wilson on screen, which is likely his best performance of his career. I am quite new to Woody Allen, I must say his direction and writing is fantastic here, and I can see were the acclaim comes from. This film stands out from the blockbusters and CGI films of the recent years, which makes it a great experience.

19 November 2011

What's Good About CGI Animated Films

I decided to make this post to write about my love of CGI animated movies. I have realised that animated films have not degraded in quality over the years and some end up being magnificent. Over the past few years, CGI animation has been growing insanely popular were now we have something like 15 animated films in a year. With the great technological advancements, titles such as “Toy Story 3” and “How to Train Your Dragon” show that it is an excellent medium and now animation is not a thing just for kids, but for everyone. Animation to me is an art. Although not on the same level as film, I still love it so.

17 November 2011

Kung Fu Panda 2 (2011)

Directed by: : Jennifer Yuh Nelson , Jennifer Yuh
Genre: Animation, Family, Comedy
Runtime: 86 Minutes
Was it enjoyable? Yes. Is it a worthy sequel? Definitely! The sequel to the lovable "Kung Fu Panda" is surprisingly vibrant with its humour, crisp animation and cliché, yet admirable plot. The film is considerably short, and you will probably wish it were longer, but in its 86 minute runtime, you get quite an action-packed little adventure with the overweight, panda and his friends. DreamWorks have made a good lot of animated films now, and the Panda of films are some of their best. This film should be enjoyable by all ages. 

Insidious (2011) Quickie Review

Directed by: James Wan
Genre: Horror, Mystery & suspense
Duration: 103 Minutes
You can think of Insidious as the cinematic version of Paranormal Activity. With lavishing cinematography and a few thrills, the film is likely to scare you out of you r wits, especially with that terrific music work. However, the film still feels average with some of its stupidity in how it unfolds towards the end. Some of the thrilling things that happen are quite foolish, but bearable. 

15 November 2011

The People Under the Stairs (1991) Quickie Review

Directed by: Wes Craven
Genre: Horror, Comedy
Runtime: 102 Minutes
Wes Craven’s little horror adventure is rather stupid, but is not all bad. You get soem few cheap thrills and plenty of corny comedy along with it. Fool (Brandon Adams), an African-American teen, breaks into the home of the wealthy landlords who evicted his family from a ghetto tenement. A fortune in gold coins is rumoured to exist inside, but Fool discovers that the mansion is a chamber of horrors presided over by a pair of incestuous, serial killer siblings (Everett McGill and Wendy Robie). 

14 November 2011

Dirty Harry (1971)

Directed by: Don siegel
Genre: Drama, Mystery & suspense
Runtime: 102 Minutes
You've got to ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?” This quote would soon become renown from the mouth of Clint Eastwood as Dirty Harry himself. Don Siegel excellently directed this crime drama and the gripping plot was very exuberant. The film being released in1971 is one of the earliest ‘cop team up’ films, and later ones like “Lethal Weapon” would come. I love the concept of cops after thugs and criminals and it makes for an exciting film. You get plenty of action, nice bits of humour and an excellent thrill ride from “dirty Harry” and his escapades and Eastwood’s performance will make you remember this film for quite some time.  

13 November 2011

The Wild Bunch (1969) Quickie Review

Directed by: Sam Peckinpah
Genre: Western, Drama, Action & Adventure
Runtime: 141 Minutes

Sam Peckinpah’s 140-minute violent western is grippingly action packed and takes you on the saddle for a bumpy ride.

12 November 2011

Retro Review: A Chump at Oxford (1940)

 Directed by: Alfred J. Goulding
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 63 Minutes

This is a very old review that for the sake that I have not put up a review in while, I shall put up this one. The grammar will be weaker, and my points and language won't be as good as what I do now. So for the sake of humour, have a read at this. In addition, it is a wonderfully funny Laurel and Hardy film.

09 November 2011

Bad Taste (1987)

Directed by: Peter Jackson
Genre: Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi & Fantasy 
Runtime: 91 Minutes 
Every great director started somewhere, and for   Peter Jackson, it was at a cheaply made fun horror movie. It is fun, absurd and not exactly original, but seeing Jackson acting himself is hard not to enjoy. If you are in to the gross-out kind of gore, “Bad Taste” is the movie for you. Filled with zombies and English and I believe, Australian actors, the film is a wild and strange trip. 

08 November 2011

The Lion King (1994) (IN 3D!)

Directed by: Rob Minkoff & Roger Allers
Genre: Animation, Drama, Family
Runtime: 87 Minutes
In the 90’s, Disney redeemed their status of being a great animation studio with films like “Beauty and the Beast” and “Aladdin”. “The Lion King” was among their hits in the 90’s and to this day, it is a beautifully crafted piece of work. With delightful charm and a sincere story, it is hard not to like the film. Seeing it in 3D, and in the cinema for that matter, bring back memories of childhood, which makes Disney an important company- because it makes childhoods all the merrier.  Lion King is an undeniable classic. 

06 November 2011

Black Swan (2010)

Directed by: Darren Aronofsky
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 103 Minutes
Never has ballet ever been so intriguing to me. “Black Swan” is a beautifully crafted film that will either emotionally move you or hate it. For me, it is the emotionally moving part. The film is so touching and Natalie Portman’s performance was nothing short of breath taking. The year 2010 was a reasonably promising year and this is one of the best from it. There is a great collaboration of actors and great direction from Darren Aronofsky in this melodramatically beautiful film. 

05 November 2011

The Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence (2011)

Directed by: Tom Six
Genre: Horror, Drama
Runtime: 88 Minutes
You are probably wondering why I would even bring the film to my attention and review it never mind watching it. Well, my curiosity put me to it and I had to see how bad it was and what exactly creator Tom Six done. Are you wondering what the worst of this year is? It is right here in this disgusting display of artless tasteless cinema.  Tom Six is easily a very disturbed man and in this pointless violent and brutal shocker, you will only be turning your head every five minutes. 

04 November 2011

A Clockwork Orange (1971)

Historical, controversial, comical, surreal, satirical, disorientating, daring, exciting, exhilarating; the list can go on of ways to describe this film. When watching Stanley Kubrick’s adaption of Anthony Burgess’s Novel, you are witnessing one of the greatest films of all time. Perhaps only through my eyes, but this is definitely among the greats. Full of artistic brilliance and visual images that you will not find in a film before it like it, Kubrick’s careful direction makes this one very exciting film.  You get one of the best cinematic experiences when watching the film and it truly defines film as an art. This is a must-see for film lovers of all kinds. 

03 November 2011

Horrible Bosses (2011)

Directed by: Seth Gordon
Genre: Comedy
Runtime: 97 Minutes
Far from original, and it pretty much is a generic comedy, but at the same time, you cannot help but enjoy the senseless plot. Taking the idea of having hard-ass bosses and the desire to kill them is interesting and although many of the things we see are not original, the film is still cleverly put together. Seth Gordon, the director knew what he was doing here partially and the film while you won’t find the meaning of life, is still a pretty fun comedy.

Best Horror Sequel Poll Results

So the poll that book place during the Halloween period has come to an end. Here are the results!

Total Votes: 32

02 November 2011

Top 15 Favourite Horror Films of All Time

Well my giant horror marathon has come to an end after 35 reviews and about 40 film viewings. Now I can say I won't have good dreams for a while. The horror genre is great in many ways. Out of the four main emotions, that cinema can bring to you, being laughter, sadness, happiness and scares; horror excels in suspending your disbelief and taking you into frightful journeys. Many horror films are picked on for not being versatile enough and being filled with 'cheap' scares, like the "Paranormal Activity" series, which in some ways it is. However, the genre is to "horrify" and "scare" you. Many horror films excel in mixed emotions and intertextuality making it a very fine genre. There is no such thing as the greatest genre but horror still has many great films within it. Here are my top 15 all-time favourite horror films.

01 November 2011

Blogger of the Month 4# James Rodrigues

So here we are, another month another blogger. this month I have chosen someone who I had intentions of doing last month, but didn't. So here he is, James Rodrigues a good film critic with some very interesting opinions. Relatively new to blogging, 'Rodders' here has few followers and deserves a little bit of attention for his efforts.See his blog here.

The 11 Best Horror Villains/Monsters

Now that my horror marathon has ended, I will look over my favourite horror monsters and villains in no order. All these characters are either terrifying, psychotic, intimidating, creepy or just plain great to see on screen. Here they are!

Fred Kruger
Actor: Robert Englund
Film: A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) 

Kruger has become a horror icon and his knife-glove has become a famous motif. Robert Englund portrays Kruger excellently and he is a very intimidating horror character.

The Shining (1980) [Horror Marathon] 35#

Directed by: Stanley Kubrick
Genre: Horror, Mystery & Suspense, Drama
Runtime: 119 Minutes
Stephen King’s horror novel “The Shining” may differ from this eerie adaption, but the film is something very special. Exploring insanity and going psycho, “The Shining” is a very thrilling and unforgettable. Stanley Kubrick, the genre explorer did an excellent job with this film using a variety of fresh camera angles, editing and even effects. When watching the film, it may confuse you at times and I believe it the real goal of it. You will pick up quickly what is happening and it will take you on one big thrill ride.

31 October 2011

Bride of Frankenstein (1935) [Horror Marathon] 34#

Directed by: James Whale
Genre: Horror, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Runtime: 75 Minutes
Few sequels reach the phenomenal success of this one, especially a horror one. The sequel to James Whale’s marvellous horror classic “Frankenstein” is a film that boasts emotion and sits next to the original practically towering over it. It has the perfect blend of humour, sadness, mystery and horror making it a film that dives in to the sophistication of Frankenstein’s creation in a glorious manner. This is truly one of the greatest sequels of all time, and assumingly the greatest horror sequel. 

Frankenstein (1931) [Horror Marathon] 33#

Directed by: James Whale
Genre: Horror, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Runtime: 71 Minutes
In 1931, history was made when this monster movie classic hit the screen. People were shocked, enthralled and very much surprised by the story. “Frankenstein” is one of the most influential horror films of all time filled with expressionistic sets and may not be horrific tremendously by today’s viewer, but it is still a fascinating experience. The acting was first class and James Whale’s resonating direction made this film an instant classic, and it shall remain that for quite some time.

Actor Overviews: Vincent Price

Born:  1911, May 27 
Death: 1993, October 25
Years Active: 1935-1993
The master of horror acting, and a legendary actor who is almost forgotten today, Vincent Price is a true expert in sending chills down your spine. Vincent Price’s films are unique, and wonderful because of his acting talent and pulls off most of his roles with great flare. With films like “House of Wax” and “Theatre of Blood” in his filmography, it is arguable he is a brilliant actor.

30 October 2011

The Invisible Man (1933) [Horror Marathon] 32#

Directed by: James Whale
Genre: Horror, Comedy, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Runtime: 71 Minutes

From the spectacular, H.G Wells is a fascinating Science-Fiction tale of a man’s achievement of turning invisible. The story is timeless and nothing short of a classic and the film should remain timeless forever I hope. “Frankenstein (1931)” director James Whale on the chair the film has great direction and flow alongside an eccentric and wonderful cast, including the debut of Claude Rains (who might I add has a great voice). It may not be full-blown horror but it is a classic piece of Sci-Fi horror filled with seemingly impossible effects for its time. 

House of Wax (1953) [Horror Marathon] 31#

Directed by: Andre De Toth
Genre: Horror, Mystery & Suspense
Runtime:88 Minutes
How can you not like this horror classic? At times it featured gimmicky 3D stuff (that can be seen in many 3D films now) and features a horrifically entertaining performance from Vincent Price. This horror classic has everything from suspense to a “Phantom of the opera” style-unmasking scene, which gives it a well deserving cult status. 

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