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30 May 2011

Film Master Weekly Newsletter 30/05/11

Important News!
So Long, farewell, I hate to say goodbye
Do not fear! I am not leaving for months or anything. For the next two 1/2 weeks I will be busy with exams, so there won't be many reviews or posts going around. I will try my best to post a few things, but just to let you all know, I will be away for a short absence. When the summer fully hits, expect some kick ass reviews and other blog posts! :)

This Week:
Kung Fu Panda 2 Critical Reception:
So far the sequel to the wonderful animated Movie Kung Fu Panda is getting positive reviews all around. In Kung Fu Panda 2, Po is now living his dream as The Dragon Warrior, protecting the Valley of Peace alongside his friends and fellow Kung fu masters, The Furious Five. But Po's new life of awesomeness is threatened by the emergence of a formidable villain, who plans to use a secret, unstoppable weapon to conquer China and destroy Kung fu. It looks like are overweight panda friend has not failed to please, and it looks like a film worth seeing this year. The film opens worldwide on June 10.

Zach Braff joins 'Oz: The great and powerful'
First off I can't believe that they are making a film related to Oz from The Wizard Of Oz. For some reason, I can see it being like an action hero film and being totally ruined, or even all this bull about magic and stuff. Zach Braff is in final talks to join Disney's Oz: The Great and Powerful, the Sam Raimi-directed film for Disney. Braff will play the role of Frank, the loyal but under-appreciated assistant to Oz (James Franco), a charismatic circus magician who is treated as a powerful wizard after his balloon blows off course into Oz and the townsfolk want him to eradicate a Wicked Witch and bring peace. So even James Franco, the recently raising in popularity star will appear. The pic starts shooting in July in Michigan, with Joe Roth, Josh Donen and Grant Curtis producing and Palek Patel exec producing. Mitchell Kapner and David Lindsay-Abaire wrote the script, with Disney releasing the 3D film March 8, 2013. I have no idea what this will be like, but I hopefully it has some decency.

The Writers of Epic Movie and Date movie and Meet the Spartans make a spoof of Avatar!
Now I thought Avatar was a great film. It wasn't a ground-breaking outstanding film, but it was fantastically made. But spoofing it. I have nothing to say other than WHY DO THESE PEOPLE EVEN GET THE RIGHT TO DO THIS!!!! Writers Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer have made a big mistake once again!  Here we have talentless trash deciding they are going to spoof  popular film and it's probably because they know they can't write anything good! It's almost as If they envy these films and decide to spoof them! The thing that pisses me off even more is that it's an entire film spoof. Now I am fine with spoofs. Mel Brooks did it with Star Wars with making Space balls, but these guys are talentless and the jokes are so in your face, and quite frankly AREN'T FUNNY!!! Another thing is the fact that a film takes a crew of people to do, and to think they would want to be a part of this is outrageous! But, I can't blame the people fully involved as they are just doing their jobs. It's the writers who we should be angry at. Please comment on what you think of this because I think it's a disgrace! The film is currently under the title "THE BIGGEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME 3D GOT THE TOP SPOT WITH ITS TITLE ALONE". The idea of the film all comes down to one question. Why?! This is definitely the worst news all week so please comment and tell me what you think.

Last Week:
Green With Envy- Muppets Trailer
Oh boy! The trailer for the next Muppet Movie went up last week. I loved the show and I loved that first Movie titled The Muppet Movie in 1979, and now Kermit and Co. return! For the first time I will be able to see the muppets on the big screen which is pretty cool, but let's hope this film is going to be good. The trailer looks like tis going to be good, and it's definitely on my anticipated Movie list! The film is going to be released on November 23, 2011. Like the Muppet show, there is an all-star cameo cast. Spanning from Lady Gaga to Rickey Gervais and even George Clooney and Billy Crystal! That's what I know the muppets for, putting lots of faces in their shows and films. SO let's hope for the best with this Muppets Movie!

Openings this week:
  • X-MEN: First Class Beginners June 1
  • Prom June 3
  • Mammuth June 3

Other News:
Robert Pattinson in a David Cronenberg movie
Here we have a young star who is raising in popularity by the year. A somewhat teen-aged girl 'heart-throb', but overall he isn't that much of an actor. He is 'okay', but nothing special. So news is out that the director that brought you films such as Videodrome and The Fly will include Pattinson in his production. The film is called 'Cosmopolis' and is based on a novel of the same name. The film follows billionaire Robert Pattinson (his character of course) over a 24 hour span in which he cheats on his wife, gets stalked, gets assaulted, and loses his fortune.  Hopefully, at some point, he also catches a nap because that is one action-packed day. Lets hope for the best everyone because nothing has been mentioned of release dates. 

2012 and beyond in film (Part 1):
I usually don't tend to get excited about films any further than 2 years away, because you know how Hollywood leaks are sometimes false. So we have talks of a fourth Ice Age film, if that even makes since and talks of DreamWorks films set to be released in 2014. If a 2014 release is announced now, and it is true, then the wait would be very anti-climatic. But here is some things that I have found out about 2012 (The year which I'm sure are not lies) and beyond in film.

Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace 3D:
Remember some time ago when it was announced the Star Wars films would return to 3D? Well in February 2012 the first episode is going to get put into 3D! It is the black sheep of all six films in the series, and I really don't favour in it much, but it's exciting to know as a rather late Star Wars fan that they are going to come out once again. I was 4 years old when this one came out so it will be pretty exciting to have it be released in 3D. Let's stay tuned and wait for Star Wars Episode 1 to hit our cinemas!

Dr. Seuss' The Lorax
With a strange title, and a strange book author what can you really say with this one? First we had The Grinch, then The Cat in the Hat live action film. After that there was Horton Hears a Who. And now, another adaption from the very strange children's book author. The Lorax according to Wikipedia is a book about: A boy (representing the reader) comes to a desolate corner of town to visit a being called the Once-ler (who is never shown throughout the book except for his arms and hands) and learns about the Lorax. After the Once-ler receives payment from the boy (consisting of 15 cents, a nail, and the shell of a great, great, great grandfather snail) he recounts on how he first arrived where they now stand, back then a beautiful forest of Truffula Trees, colorful woolly trees that were spread throughout the area and supported an ecosystem of fantastical creatures. I'm not fond of this one and it sounds like something only for the kids. Voice roles are going to include Danny DeVito and, Zac Affron! What a pair up they have their. The release date is currently March 2, 2012.

21 Jump Street:
Oh boy! A TV show that I have recently been watching and enjoying very much is going to become a film! just my luck! And, better yet, Johnny Depp is going to actually be Tom Hanson, the character he plays in the late 80's TV show. The star from 127 Hours, Dave Franco also won a role! The film is currently being filmed I believe and will hit the cinemas hopefully in March 2012. Although, I don't think the other original cast members are returning which is sad to hear.

So this newsletter isn't a foot long, part 2 of what is to come in the far off future will be in the next newsletter. Stay tuned everyone!

DVD & Blu-Ray Releases this week:

  • 127 Hours June 6
  • Gnomeo and Juliet- June 6
  • The Mechanic- June 6
  • Coco Chanel- June 6
  • Sweet Grass- June 6
  • True Grit- June 11
  • Henry's Crime- June 6 (a lot of June 6 releases isn't there?)

Possible Reviews this Week:

  • Paranormal Activity 2
  • The Road
  • Grease
  • A Fish called Wanda
  • Leave her to heaven
  • Kung Fu Panda
**Not all films will get reviewed.**
Possible Blog Posts this week

  • Actor Overviews: Jack Black 
**Not all will be posted.**

1 comment:

  1. Hate Friedberg and Seltzer. They're both great assholes.
    I really loved the Muppets trailer. I thought it was pretty hilarious. And the Phantom of Menace 3D...not so much boomin'. I was also 4 years old when it was released but I don't think 3D will change much of it.
    Great blog, Thomas, as always :D



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