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20 May 2011

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (2007) Review

Directed by: Gore Verbinski
Written by: Ted Elliot an Todd Rossio
Produced by: Jerry Bruckheimer
Starring: [you know who]
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Drama, Comedy in some parts
Runtime: 165 Minutes 

The third instalment to the series, and the end of the huge plot that followed it from the second film, Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End has one of the most convoluted plots around, but I loved it. Number three takes us on yet another voyage, and ends with a climactic scene which is unforgettable. Full of mind blowing CGI, more characters than ever, and also full of action packed sword duelling, the film leaves the first three films nicely with how it ends. It may not the best of the series, but it certainly doesn’t fail to please. Another interesting thing was how the film left a trademark of putting in sounds from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride as a transition to seeing Jack in Davy Jones locker. A nice homage to the wonderful ride. 

Cast and Characters:
In my first review I commented on all the characters, now let’s start over because the characters make huge developments.

Jack Sparrow: There really anything changed about him and he is still that always tipsy on rum sailor we know him for. Some people I am sure now tire of his attitude, but he’s a pirate so what can you expect? Depp still delivers a nice performance along with the supporting cast.

Will Turner: All of a sudden, Will is more dramatic than ever. With his voyage to save his father he soon turns away from the love of Elizabeth Swan (but it soon returns).
Will and Elizabeth during the battle on  the Flying Dutchman.

Elizabeth Swan: She has become a bit of a pirate herself in this one. Fully trained with a sword and steering towards the end becomes the captain of the Singapore crew. The romance is still in the air but fades in and out of the film.

Davy Jones: The dramatic love story in unfolded in this film which I thought was good and it added personality to the character. Bill Nighty also delivers again with a great performance.

Complexity of war:
During the final scene we have the standoff. A three on three battle consisting of Jack Sparrow, Elizabeth Swan, Barbossa V.S Davy Jones, Will turner and James Norrington. The confusing thing is, no one trusts anyone it seems and taking sides seems to be ludicrously unclear. One minute Barbossa hates Jack, next minute he need him, so there is a lot of swapping in the plot. It gives it edge though.
The Negotiation.

An Expensive Scene:
There are very few scenes that would compare to the budget of this colossal one. The amount of detail and effort put into this scene is astounding. Some will say it’s overdone but it really gives the story impact and realism. Here we have out two ships, The Black Pearl and The Flying Dutchman shooting at each other, while there is a gigantic whirlpool pulling them in. The scene is such a great cliff-hanger putting you on edge yourself and a lot is going on. Luckily there are bits of comic relief to calm down the drama. It was a very powerful scene that can be easily said ‘it was overdone’, but it was a very climatic scene.
The best image I could get showing the scene.

The Walk into Oblivion:
James Norrington finds himself having no way out of death as The Black Pearl and the Flying Dutchman ready to fire from both sides of the ship. The crew await orders, but he says nothing. The cannons begin to fire as the ship is torn apart and James just walks down the steps meanwhile the chaos is happening. The scene is in slow motion and looks absolutely great. The fact that he walks so stern into the pieces of wood flying in the air and explosions surrounding him was very powerful, so for me it was one of the most memorable scenes in the film.
Its the best image I could find.

Father and Son [Spoiler]:
I love how the film ended with Will being reunited with his father. The only reason he went on the voyage was to rescue him. So now Will is captain of The Flying Dutchman, taking Davy Jones side. In a way it was an act of desperation as Will was stabbed by Davy ones as Jack Sparrow held his heart. Will’s father, ‘Bootstrap’ is outraged and begins to attack Davy Jones meanwhile; Wills tabs the heart to take his place. It was an interesting ending and very climatic.

The hint of a sequel:
The film ends with the mentioning of ‘The fountain of youth’ and leaves with Jack on the boat on another journey it seems. So writers Ted Elliot and Terry Rossio haven’t ran out of steam, but it would be four years before On Stranger tides would be released. [Reviewing that one next] It’s nice to see our characters all in action again, but thank goodness they were doing it right.

At World’s End leaves us of the story involving Davy Jones, Singapore and other characters that have significance in the plot. The story offers lots of new characters to the story which was great, but it does get boring after a while. The Pirates of the Caribbean doesn’t really have a main character. Supposedly Jack Sparrow is our character, which he is, but it doesn’t seem that way in this film. There is so much else going on. However, the first quest is to save Jack, so I guess that can be main protagonist for you. Once again the brilliant soundtrack was back which brought lots of life to the action scenes. Overall as the end of the trilogy, excluding On Stranger Tides being almost like a new story, At World’s End boasts in breath-taking visual effects, a very involved plot and enough to keep you entertained throughout.

My Rating: 7/10


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