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19 May 2011

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest (2006) Review

My Rating: 81%
Directed by: Gore Verbinski
Screenplay by: Terry Rossio and Ted Elliot
Starring: Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Stellan Skarksgard, Keira Knightly
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Drama,
Runtime: 145 Minutes 

Not as good as the original, but Dead Man’s Chest offers plenty of great action and a mind boggling plot line. That was the downside really this time. Jack Sparrow used to be our main character, but going towards the end he kind of fades out of the spotlight. There are too many characters going on and the plot is very convoluted. The film is rated 12A but I don’t know any 12 year-olds who could follow the story. Regardless, I could keep up and the story was very enjoyable, had amazing action and a very unique and fresh villain. Depp, Knightly and Bloom are back once more to give great performances in this excellent voyage.

Jack Sparrow as the leader of the tribe.

Our film begins with an interrupted wedding of Will and Elizabeth and we see some character change in Will and Elizabeth, and Port Royal has changed quite a bit too. Elizabeth and Will have a warrant for arrest for helping Jack Sparrow to escape and the penalty being death. Elizabeth is in prison until Will can get Jack Sparrow’s compass, which the notorious ex-commodore James Norrington takes in interest to, as the compass points to what a person most desires. So Will Turner goes on a hunt to find Jack, meanwhile he is on the search for a key, a key to the chest of Davy Jones (will not spoil what is in it if you aren’t familiar). When Will finally gets to Jack we see how a strange tribe worship him and they are soon going to 'sacrifice' him. From there onwards It goes wild. Davy Jones wants the key back from Jack, Will wants to save his father from the ship of Davy Jones, Will wants marry Elizabeth, there is so much going on escapism is at a mighty height for attention here.

Jack running for his life from the tribe.

More terrific writing and directing:
Once again, the masterful screenplay writers of convolutedness, Ted Elliot and Terry Rossio make a terrific screenplay. Complex as it be, it’s a very impressive story, and is definitely one of the most exciting around. The fact that the back story of Jack gets unravelled as the film goes on is fantastic. I can see a prequel happening sometime soon. I enjoyed the character Davy Jones because of how strangely terrifying in a sense he was. Let’s not forget the very fishy CGI on him too. There writers must have had a hard time trying to get the plot together, but it came out great and thumbs up to them once again. Director Gore Verbinski must have had a hard time directing this, and he did an okay job at taking this complex story and getting into order. Thumbs up to him also.
Davy Jones playing his organ.
Since our last voyage our characters have changed. Will turner and Elizabeth Swann initially to get marries, but don’t because of the hold up of events. Jack is his usual selfish self-gaining pirate as always, getting his way around everything he faces in some way. Well we still have plenty of our previous crew such as those two foolish pirates. You know the one with the fake eye and his plump friend. Some new faces to the film our Davy Jones (Bill Nighy) and Bootstrap Bill Turner (Stellan Skarksgard), also father of Will turner. Since the beginning of the first film, you will notice so much difference in the characters. This one certainly had more emotion and even Jack Sparrow had more added on to him.

Another character to note is the completely wild an bizarre Calypso. Played by Naiomie Harris, Calypso is a very bizarre character, who will be unravelled more in the next film. 
Calypso in her weird hut.

Some of the finest Visual Effects:
I must admit I am very impressed with how visually impressive this film is, especially on the Flying Dutchman and Davy Jones. Some very fine CGI is in this film and the Flying Dutchman is very impressive because of how fresh (if I can say so about a fishy ship) the style is. With a budget of $220 million it’s they to see how they can pull it off. They really put a lot into the style of this film and it touches with the greatness of the overall film.

Hans Zimmer Returns!
Hans Zimmer is back again doing the soundtrack the film and gave it an excellent touch once more! The music really gives all the scenes that extra touch of emotion and action. All of the Pirates films have great soundtracks and Hans Zimmer just gives it that touch of vibrancy and greatness.

Towards the end of the film:
For those who haven’t seen the film don’t read (Spoiler). At the end of the film when The Black Pearl is being attacked by the Kraken, Jack gets ties onto the boat. He escapes but not in time as he hurdles into the mouth of the Kraken. The fact that we don’t get the explanation for another year is outrageous, because it put everyone on hold. It’s a good thing the third came out on year later. I think it was the sort of thing that gave it the overall critics’ bad reviews at RT, but as annoying as it was, it was a nice try to suspense the audience to wait to find out what happened. I’m sure most people probably assumed he wouldn’t die anyway. It’s Jack Sparrow after all.

jack Sparrow facing the Kraken.
Although, this film really doesn’t offer much for anyone that isn’t a pirate fan or at least has seen the previous film. In fact it is barely even a film because of its cliff-hanger ending. It’s more of a ‘to be continued’ thing. As the in-between film I still think it’s enjoyable and the average rating is ridiculous for this on RT. How can such great writing and characters be given such low ratings? Although this is nothing compared to the original, it is still an exciting journey with lot to offer.

Story: 81%
Characters: 82%
Emotion: 80%
Visual: 90%
Music: 82% 

Overall: 81%

1 comment:

  1. I did not like this one at all, and it was actually my least favorite of the series. I hope the new one is at least decent....



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