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15 June 2011

Wall-E (2008)

Directed by: Andrew Stanton
Written by: Andrew Stanton & Jim Reardon
Genre: Fantasy, Animation, Family, Action & Adventure
Runtime: 98 Minutes

Ultimately Wall-E is my favourite Pixar film beside Toy Story 3 and Toy Story because of its vibrant and original style, heart-warming story and fantastic characters. Wall-E tells the tale of a robot during the future who has to clean up OUR mess, while we float in space on a giant holiday-type ship. There isn’t much not to like about this film. When an animated film is good, it’s usually very good, and it’s Pixar. They have an unblemished and unprecedented run of success with each film going well with the critics, audience and the box-office. I watched this at the cinema during the time and since I have watched it at least 4 times. It’s a fantastic family-friendly adventure with breath-taking visuals and an amazing story. With Director and writer, Andrew Stanton (director of Finding Nemo) on board you can expect this story to be filled with delight.

In the year 2700 or so, we meet the curious little wide-eyed robot Wall-E, who’s only friend is a cockroach. We learn that these ‘Wall-E’ robots where made to clean up the mess on Earth until the planet is liveable. Everyone was evacuated because of World Pollution but, the humans stayed in space (on the Axiom ship) for longer than expected, thus we have the generation of overweight ‘big babies’ who can’t even walk. Our character happens to be the last active robot working and continues his duties as normal, but out curious little friend keeps a collection of things we take for granted. One day a ship arrives on Earth, and a robot known as ‘Eve’ looks around for the ‘directive’. Eve was sent down to discover if there was any life, being plants and eventually Wall-E gives her the plant he found one day). Wall-E brings her back to his little hut filled with bits n’ bobs and shows her that plant. When she gets the plant she stops working so Wall-E takes care of her doing things from holding an umbrella over her head to holding her hand.

Like Charlie Chaplin’s film City Lights,  actions speak louder than words. Wall-E is a sensitive and lonely character lost in a wasteland of our rubbish, and soon discovers love. We see him holding her hand while she is inactive, and I think it’s a very touching thing to see. Here we have a ROBOT with human characteristics that make the audience feel emotions. That’s the great thing about Pixar. They take inanimate objects and give them human characteristics so strong they are believable as If it is actors up there. They did it with Toys and they did it with Cars. Pixar are great with clashing cutting-edge animation with character depth and stories that can relate to adult as well as the kids. It’s about 20 minutes into the film before there is any character dialogue which mad a lot of emotion through actions and expressions (like Wall-E’s rotatable eyes). The first 20 minutes we are introduced to the messy Earth and Wall-E in his exploring mood. It was a wonderful, but silent part of the film which was highly entertaining.

The Robots are wild in this film when we get to the ship. We have a robot who can’t restrain himself n smashed things all the time, and then we have that little robot that follows Wall-E on his first appearance. As I said, actions speak louder than words in this film, and all the robots seem so alive with what they do. Wall-E is the innocent, curious and lovable robot who always tries to do the right thing. Eve is a robot that was sent on a mission to get the directive and ends up taking interest to Wall-E. As for the human characters, we meet very interesting ones. We have our captain of the Axiom Ship named Captain McCrea. He just tries to do his job and is a great supporting character. The other two we follow is sort of like a mini love story. Voice actor John Ratzenberger (who has voice acted in every single Pixar film to date), voices the character John. Alongside Kathy Najimy playing Mary, they meet each other after Wall-E interrupting their warped digital and lazy lives. Now another amazing thing to note is the Auto-pilot that was clearly inspired by the one in 2001: A Space Odyssey. The auto-pilot is a selfish and fixated robot who has been pretty much been running the show the whole time on the Axiom as we learn something about this red-eyed auto-pilot.
Capitan Mccrea (Centre) and Autopilot (Left)
I will always love Pixar for the beautiful and cutting-edge visuals they pull off. They don’t distract you from enjoying the story, but enhance the storytelling by bringing you into their world. Whether it’s underwater like Finding Nemo, or life from an Ants perspective, Pixar show you some of the greatest animation around. Next to Toy Story 3 and The Incredibles, this Pixar film is the most beautifully crafted, which you can expect a film that took four years to produce. The desolated and trashed Earth had amazing life-like atmosphere and I just loved the camera work. The cameras felt very real with the movement and focusing throughout.

It’s one of the finest animated movies ever made because of its magnificent style, wonderful story and lovable characters. Pixar know what they’re doing and have some of the greatest storytellers in Hollywood at the moment for sure. There are very few down sides to this film, if any, and is truly a spectacle to see. Some may disagree  that this film is one of the best animated films, not saying it is THE best, but it's certainly in the top 20 somewhere. Wall-E is a beautifully crafted family film that has something everyone can relate to regardless of their age.

Overall: 10/10

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  1. Pixar can't really go wrong, imo. You know, I didn't care for this movie the first time I watched it but, after the second viewing, I fell in love with it. It's a beautiful film!



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