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13 July 2011

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005)

Directed by: Mike Newell
Screenplay by: Steve Kloves
Genre: Fantasy, Action & Adventure, Drama
Runtime: 157 Minutes

It may be the worst, in fact let me say it may be my least liked, in the series so far at this point but it’s still an entertaining journey for Harry and the gang, and it's when things start to get a little more serious. After Potter 4 the series gets very serious which is good because now all this use of magic and such is less kiddie fantasy and more adult themed, but at the same time, not too much. some people prefer it to be on the lighter side, but i enjoy both kinds. The stuff that happens in this film is definitely the hardest things Harry has had to do so far at his time at Hogwarts and is again a great film. At this point in the series unless you’re a potter fan, or have at least seen the previous films in the series Potter 4 will not sustain you 100% and doesn’t stand firmly as an amazing film. That’s the one downside for the Potter films from here and after.
If you want to go see say, Half-blood prince at the time it was out you will want to catch up with all the films. So this doesn't offer much unless your a fan (or have seen all the previous films recently) depending how you look at it. Well as a devoted fan, owning films 1-7 on Blu-ray this is my third time watching through them all (excluding deathly hallows part 1, it will be my first viewing of it soon). This time Harry must endure his hardest challenge yet. The time has come for the Tri-wizard tournament and three students from schools across Europe are chosen through the ‘Goblet of Fire’. The names are presented as we have Cedrick Diggory from Gryffindor, Viktor Krum from Bulgaria and Fleur Delacour from France. To enter the Tri-Wizard tournament you must be 17 to note. Alas, someone put Harry’s name in the Goblet and now Harry must go alone in the dangerous tournament as Ron begins to hate him along with a majority of the school in disgrace of him cheating (from their knowledge) and entering the competition.

So the characters of the story are maturing and the film makers of the series are improving the craft with vibrant visual effects and up until now, this is the most complex Potter film yet as once more the story becomes deeper. New director Mike Newell also takes the chair and did a very reasonable job of it. At last there is a full blast of adolescence to content with. To most people who have seen the films up until now will have thought Harry would end up loving Hermione. Well with hints stuck in with even Chamber of Secrets and Prisoner of Azkaban the secret is uncovered as we learn that Ron is the one who loves her. The film also introduces more new characters and more than any other film. To begin with we have Cedrick, played by Twilight star Robert Pattinson. I must say I enjoyed his short lived performance and I still have faith in him for future films. Moaning Myrtle from Potter 2 also returns in a small part which was fun to see and I love how Rowling brought her back.

All the way from France is the witch known as Madame Maxine, the 7 ½ feet high or so teacher of Fleur Delacour. I liked her character a little, but it was Hagrid’s reaction to her that was more so enjoyable. She towers over Hagrid and he takes a liking to her. Then we have Rita Skeeter, the news reporter. Boy is she a piece of work. She is a lying dirty and horrible reporter and I guess this is Rowling’s outlook on the tabloids. Well our original cast of characters have come a long way since the first film, and I’m  not only talking about Harry, Ron and Hermione, but also those side characters such as Neville, James & Oliver Phelps (Ron’s brothers), Ginny Weasley and even Seamus Finnigan. The cast of the Potter series is huge and even the small characters that you remember from the first few films, soon become more to the plot than you know. So there is something that makes the Potter films so fantastic alone.

Potter 4 introduces Lord Voldemort fully for the first time, which is truly the film’s most tense and exciting moment. Although we glimpsed his face in "The Sorcerer's Stone," we see him in full on screen for the first time in "Goblet of Fire," and he does not disappoint: Hairless, with the complexion of a slug, his nostrils snaky slits in his face, he's played by Ralph Fiennes as a vile creature who has at last been re-joined by his Death Eaters, who were disabled by Harry's magic earlier in the series.

The film has more updated visuals and it looks wonderful as ever. With it’s beautiful serene end shot of Hogwarts, after a tragic incident was one of the many nice visual effects of the film. J.K Rowling I give great credit to for such a marvellous story because the characters represent more than what they are. They are a personal piece of her. One example is the characters Crab and Boyle who represent bullies from her school. And of course we have the ultimate villain of Voldemort, who literally is the ultimate persona of evil and hate. Harry Potter 4 is a good addition to the series, but more-or-less is just an opening to Voldemort’s return and is a bridge film in a way. It’s full of matured characters, a more complex story with dark undertones and is a thrilling adventure nonetheless.

My Rating: 8/10


  1. Good reviews. This was a very nice character driven film and I would give it the same rating. It was not my favorite of the series, but I liked them all.

  2. Theres a little know fact about Harry Potter:
    You suck



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