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20 January 2012

Attention Inernet Users! SOPA and PIPA have the power to practiclly destroy the Internet!

What is this all about? American governments and Hollywood corporations taking down every site associated with copyright material, even sites with links to copyright material. Well, as extreme and absurd as it sounds, the Internet as we know, use and love it for will be obliterated. Sites such as Facebook, Wikipedia, Youtube and torrent sites like thepiratebay will no longer exist. Not to mention that BLOGGER AND WORDPRESS WILL GO DOWN! Therefore, there are multiple reasons I am pissed off with what is going on. My blog with close to 300 posts will disappear, other bloggers will lose what they have created over months and even years and downloading music and films will be no longer a thing. Not to mention the jobs that will be lost!

I understand how some company's may feel with piracy, and with the guilt I get of downloading some movies, I end up buying them anyway. I have quite a large film collection (see page above), and I like to support the company's to keep industry's going. However, not many people can afford to buy cd's and dvd's very often. I find myself watching 3 to 7 films a week, and if I am unable to download a few, I will find myself rationing my viewings to 2 or 3 a week. It sounds quite desperate but films are my biggest source of entertainment. 

Do you know what's funny? The same people behind SOPA and PIPA are the same people who helped spread file sharing tools. Hypocritical right? The American governments and the Hollywood company backers are attempting to destroy every piece of copyrighted material that exists on the Internet, and no what is worse? They are going to try to send people, who live in the U.K (a.k.a where I am from) to jail for pirating. More info here.

This hypocrisy is going to destroy the Internet, and due to the amount of money being backed for SOPA, it is almost inevitable to happen. Therefore, they are attempting to send people, who use torrents and share files illegally to jail where it is legal! WHAT THE FUCK! 

One of the biggest articles at the moment is the 23-year old student (FROM THE U.K) with a website linking to copyright infringing material, who is being sentenced to prison for this. Read about it here.
America think they own the Internet. The truth is, NOBODY DOES ANY MORE! The Internet is the users, the people who socialise, create, share, send and receive using the Internet. It is clear that the creation of the Internet was too sudden, and since Tim-Berners Lee invented it back in 1990, it seems the Internet has become something of an uncontrollable size. In addition he is also backing the protests. READ HERE. The Internet is not one big machine, but millions of servers worldwide, which are why NO ONE has the right to take down things on it like SOPA are. They are destroying somewhat half of the Internet just because they fell it will increase their sales and stop piracy forever.

However, the public are signing a petition against this act. In fact, over 4.5 million people have already since January 18th. It seems now there is hope for the Internet as now 18 senitors of Washington have changed their support, now opposing SOPA.
Not to mention the statistics of this being the largest Internet strike in history.

What is likely the worst aspect about this is how people who do honest work online will find their websites shut down because sites like wordpress and Blogger are going to be shut down. Those are only two of thousands that will go down. 

Not only will those who have downloaded torrents get the possibility of going to jail and copyright infringing sites going down, but it will also effect two other things: Web trafficking and Advertising Affiliation! See the AdSense ads on my? Well, that is 'ad affiliation' and the millions of websites that use this tool (and others) will be destroyed, causing advertisers to lose millions. This web affiliation helps create money and taking it down will too destroy jobs. Not to mention trafficking will fall greatly. Sites like Youtube, Wikipedia, Blogger, Google, Facebook, Twitter and Piratebay are some of the most used websites on the Internet with millions of users using the sites every day.   

All ready Megaupload and FileShare have shut down!

Here is the list of the major companies backing this bill:

And the list of those against:

Due to the amount of people who signed the petition and sent letters to their Sennett's and so on, the likeliness of this bill being passed has decreased a little, but as I said, it is still likely to get through.

What can you do? Do what you can to spread the word and inform people of this news! Sites such as Google, Wikipedia, Mozilla and Yahoo are currently fighting agaist SOPA and were apart of the blackout day. Send this post to who you can and inform them of how this can effect them! Click here for info on what you can do.


To start educating yourself on this, here are links on what this is all about!


  1. Shit, I can't believe this is happening. I just started my blog 3 weeks ago. I only have 20 posts, so I am going to save them to my computer right now.

  2. filmmaster_pollock20 January 2012 at 12:29

    Yeha man, for your future posts write them in MS Word. Most of my reviews are written in Word first, so I know I'll always have them. Still, all those uploaded images, links and all the time spent building the blog. It will be months before blogger is it so we shant worry for now.

  3. Is WordPress in danger right now, or not till later like blogger. Is this really actually going to happen? Does it matter if enough people protest against this? You commented on my blog, Alec's Movie Reviews

  4. filmmaster_pollock20 January 2012 at 12:56

    Wordpress is against SOPA and PIPA and will go down if the bill goes through. I think if enough people protest, there is some chance of stopping it, but I really couldn't say.

  5. I read an article somewhere yesterday that this whole thing is not gonna happen, I hope it's the case. For one thing it would destroy so many's people work which is ironically their intelectual property. For another - I can't imagine the riots and anger that would create. The hackers would prepate massive retaliation for this, comparing to what they did when Megavideo would shut down I suspect all the major sites own by government would be stopped for months.
    Great post!



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