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02 January 2012

What 2012 has in store for Cinema

Well, it looks like another year for film and what a special year this will be! We have, “The Dark Knight Rises”, “The Hobbit Part 1”, “Frankenweenie”, “The Iron Lady” and tons of other exciting films! This is looking like an exciting year for cinema and hopefully these films don’t come to disappoint. Let us look over some of the films we have coming our way in the coming months.

J. Edgar (For U.K cinemas)

Clint Eastwood is in the director’s chair, and Leonardo DiCaprio is playing a slightly old man in this political drama depicting president Hoovers personal life. It looks like this one is going to be popular with critics and although I do not know much about politics, I sure know about Hoover, and his philosophy of ‘rugged individualism’. I look forward to seeing this one and I better get the history book out to get my head around this once powerful man.

U.K Release Date: January 20

Out now in the U.S
Anticipation Rating: 8/10

The Amazing Spider-Man

At first, this seems like a foolish reboot of a film, now 11 years old, but it looks like it actually has some hope. The new spider-man look, which is still the same costume but looks even slicker is great too! Looks like 2012 has a few comic book films ahead. 

U.K Release Date: July 3
Anticipation Rating: 5/10


Oh joy, stop-motion!  And who better to do it than Tim burton, with “Corpse Bride” and “The Nightmare before Christmas” behind him? Not many are going to look forward to this as I am because this is actually based on a short he made in the early 80’s. The film is about a boy and his dog, which he brings back to life after a terrible car accident. Think of “Frankenstein” and project it to a little boy and his dog, and you have your story. However, will this feature be different? We will have to wait to find out.

U.K Release Date: October 25
Anticipation Rating: 8/10

The Dark Knight Rises

It is easy to see this is probably going to be a $1 billion grosser for the summer and with good reason. Not many blockbuster action films hold the strength that “The Dark Knight” has with it’s powerful script, great acting and intensely engaging action. “The Dark Knight Rises” will definitely be an anticipated film for this year.   

U.K Release Date: July 20

 Anticipation Rating: 10/10

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Who is not excited about this? I have read the book, and I loved it and knowing that it will be split into two films is fantastic! Peter Jackson returns to Middle-earth with the prelude of Lord of the Rings. It will have CGI, action, adventure, and the actual ring being discovered! This is one of this year’s most anticipated for me. Looks like it will be a long wait.
Anticipation Rating: 10/10 

U.K release Date: December 14

The Iron Lady

A biopic on Margaret Thatcher…intriguing. It looks like powerful first female priminister Maggie is getting a film, and who better play her than Meryll Streep? This should be another good political drama like “J. edgar” and I will definitely go see this. 

U.K Release Date: 6 January
Anticipation Rating: 7/10

The Muppets (For U.K Cinemas)

I looked forward to watching this around Christmas a few months back, but turns out it is a 2012 release for us in the U.K.  I have heard plenty of criticism about the film good and bad and my real impression is, while it may be filled with celebrity placement, I can’t wait to see the Muppets in action! Besides, the Muppets are known for being associated with celebrities. Just look at the Muppet show in the 70’s and 80’s. 

U.K Release Date: 10 February
Out now in the U.S

Anticipation Rating: 7/10

The Avengers

Though, really not a comic book movie fan outside Batman, I think “the Avengers” will be successful among the fans. I will likely see this, but I am not extremely excited as many are. Combing Thor, Captain America, The Incredible Hulk and others, it just might be good.

U.K Release Date: 27 April
Anticipation Rating: 6/10

Ice Age 4: Continental Drift

Really, did we ask for this? It appears the BlueSky studio wants to squeeze some more story out of the Ice Age franchise and to be honest, I do not look forward to it. Obviously, parents are going to rush to the cinemas with their kids, likely causing it to be a box office contender. The most confusing part about it all, is how the third film should not have even existed. We are long past the Ice Age now, and I am likely going to stay far away from it.

U.K Release Date: 6 July
Anticipation Rating: 1/10

The Woman in Black

It looks like Daniel Radcliffe is going to get recognition in the future. Let uss hope in 10 years-time he is not known as the Potter boy. Let us remove the label before it ends up like Rowan Atkinson’s ‘Mr. Bean’ label. Anyway, this film will be a character-driven horror film, which I still don’t know much about according to plot. I am enthusiastic about this one as Radcliffe seems like a promising actor.

U.K release Date: 10 February
Anticipation Rating: 7/10

21 Jump Street

At first, I thought Johnny Depp was going to return as playing tom Hanson, but tht at would be silly as he doesn’t look like a udder 21 year old anymore. The only thing really keeping me see this is Depp’s cameo and to see what they do with the Jump Street gang. I have seen three seasons and the first two were excellent.

U.K Release Date: March 16
Anticipation Rating: 6/10

Mirror Mirror

I really don’t know what to say. It looks like a  family adventure film that is going to be filled with idiotic comedy, puns and jokes and predictable action all over. Only time will tell if it will be successful or not. 

U.K Release Date: March ETA
Anticipation Rating: 2/10

Men in Black III

Please no, no more bringing back franchises! I can honestly say the first “Men In black” film was interesting and the sequel was quite lacking. A third instalment just cries out for a CGI packed film, which I simply want to stay away from.

U.K Release Date: 25 May (ETA)
Anticipation Rating: 2/10


Pixar’s next animated feature takes us to the old days of Scotland on an adventure that follows a young woman who goes on some sort of journey. The concept of a woman not being ‘lady-like’ is now becoming cliché itself, but the film  still looks reasonably exciting. Billy Connelly makes a voice appearance too.

U.K Release Date: August 17
Anticipation Rating: 8/10

There are many others that I didn’t mention, but this is all the energy I have. It is simple for me to say this year looks like it was will be exciting for cinema and I anticipate it's movie more than I have 2011. Let us hope we get to see some smashing films!


  1. Excellent list Tom! I too am looking forward to TDKR as well as The Avengers and The Hobbit. I am wary of Men in Black III as the trailer only looked okay (much like Men in Black II) and I can guarantee that you will love The Muppets.

  2. Good list! I'm very intrigued about Looper and Django Unchained also.

  3. Ooooh Yes, The Hobbit. Can't wait.

  4. Good to know, thanks for reading!

  5. Clearly people are bringing out their latest and greatest before the world ends... Looking forward to a lot of these! Can't wait ^__^



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