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05 June 2012

22 Greatest Musical Numbers in Film

 Ahhh musicals. There are critics who despise them and hate the genre in film, but how can one hate a complete genre? Especially when films such as Chicago, Singin in the Rain and The Sound of Music exist in the genre. I thought it would be interesting to compile some of the best musical numbers in film in both sound and how the songs appear on film. Here they are:

All that Jazz- Bye Bye Love- Finale
This is truly one of the finest musical finales. It is a beautifully executed closing to the film. At 10 minutes in length, it is a fantastic song full of energy. 

All That Jazz- Take off with us
In All that Jazz, a musical number is rehearsed, which is this one. The song starts off as a catchy innocent tune that quickly becomes full of eroticism: Another very fine song. 

Chicago- Cell Block Tango
Anyone who has seen Chicago the stage musical or film will know of this song. Through it's 7 minute duration we are given the stories of murderesses in a satirical, humorous and catchy song with plenty of rhythm. 

Chicago- Overture
As soon as Chicago began, I instantly loved it due to the very first song it plays. The overture is heavily fun and exciting and is one of the finest out of all musicals. As soon as the film begins, glitter and gloss are all over the screen along with the stylish editing.

Little Shop of Horror- Mean Green Mother From Outer Space
Almost forgot to include this one. When we reach the end of the strangely crafted musical, we are given an impressive and hilariously fun song.

Cabaret- Wilkommen
The reason Cabaret is so great is due to having such wonderful songs. Almost every single one is fantastic. As soon as we set foot into the Kit Kat Club, we are gloriously welcomed with a truly excellent song. 

Cabaret- Cabaret
When Cabaret ends, Liza Minnelli gives a strongly sung musical performance in a beautifully powerful song.

Cabaret- Two Ladies
Two Ladies is one of the most fun songs in Cabaret and is without a doubt catchy.

Dancer in the Dark- I've Seen it All
This had to make it to the list and is the most recent addition to my favourite musical numbers. Here, we see a distinguishable and unique piece from a very unconventional musical film. Simply fantastic.

Moulin Rouge- El Tango De Roxanne
While I think the film is utterly stupid and overly self-conscious of it, there were some good songs in it, and this one surprisingly sticks out. El Tango De Roxanne is a powerful song with intense lyrics and a highly engaging sound that make it well worth listening to outside the film itself.

Sweeney Todd- A Little Priest
This is an enjoyable satirical song full of macabre in the film that is Sweeney Todd (2007)

Sweeney Todd- No Place Like London
No Place Like London is a fantastic song to start the film that shows Benjamin Barker as a character who seems tormented and twisted by his past.

Sweeney Todd: Johanna Reprise
Johanna reprise is a fantastic part of the film that has a darkly humorous and psychotic tone to it. 

The Sound of Music- The Sound of Music
When the film begins and we see the marvellous aerial shot were Julie Andrews is on the hill is magic. 

The Sound of  Music- My Favourite Things
I could not get a hold of a video of it, but for those who have seen/heard this song and scene in the film will know it is a delightfully catchy tune.

West Side Story- Cool
West Side Story is a greatly choreographed musical with some finely crafted songs. 'cool' is among them and is a wonderful moment in the film.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show- Rose Tint my World
Some will hate it for obvious reasons and others who love it. Personally, I love the film despite some of it's flaws. This is one of the many great songs and when you see it on screen, you cannot help but love it.

West Side Story- Jet Song
When the film begins you know your in for a unique musical. Great song, great choreography.

Singin in the Rain- Singin in the Rain
Of course this would be on the list. It is one of the grandest musical moments ever. With Gene Kelly's painstaking effort (that greatly payed off), the scene is simply magical.

Singin in the Rain- Good Morning
Another happy moment in Singin in the Rain that is comically wonderful.

The Wizard of Oz- Somewhere over the Rainbow
I may be one of the few, but after watching it again for the first time in about 15 months, the song was close to bringing a tear to my eye from the beauty of the song. It is not were we are, or anything to do with the character- but the music itself is very emotional and beautiful. 

The Nightmare before Christmas- What’s This
Probably not expected to be here, but this song is fantastically put together along with the magnificent music. Sang by Danny Elfman (and composed), it is a visually engaging movie moment. 

There are so many others that could have made it to the list, but these our what I would say are the best musical numbers that we see on screen. Thanks for looking at the list!

Was your favourite(s) mentioned? Comment and let me know what you think of this list. 


  1. Very great list! You have a good bit of the best in here. I need to watch Chicago and Sweeney Todd though. I'll give you a nod for including a song from Rocky Horror especially, considering it's my favorite film.

  2. Chicago and Sweeney are fantastic! Rocky Horror is brilliant.. It was my favourite musical for a while, and there were other songs I wanted to include like The Time Warp and Sweet Transvestite- remember when you first saw that scene? It surprised me i can tell ya that.

  3. Oh... the scenes from All That Jazz and the tango in Moulin Rouge!. They're perfect. One I would mention is sort of an obscure film of sorts. That is "That's Motivation!" by David Bowie in the film Absolute Beginners. A pretty decent film that falls apart due to a more dramatic third act yet it's got some excellent music from Sade, Ray Davies, Style Council, some late 50s/early 60s jazz, and of course, Bowie.

  4. That sounds interesting, I'll have to check "That's Motivation" out! Thanks for reading and telling me of that film.



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